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Valera Personal Bestseller

 Valera Universal Chrome Valera Universal Chrome
Mod. 040/C

12,00 €*   » see details
 Valera Ionic Wellness 2000 Valera Ionic Wellness 2000
Mod. 545.08/DV - 2000 W

48,90 €*   » see details

 Valera Turbo Style 1000 Tourmaline Valera Turbo Style 1000 Tourmaline
Mod. 603.01B

54,90 €*   » see details
 Valera Silent Power 2400 Ionic Valera Silent Power 2400 Ionic
Mod. 545.14

59,90 €*   » see details

 Valera Ionic Multistyle Professional Valera Ionic Multistyle Professional
Mod. 640.01

104,90 €*   » see details
 Valera ManiSwiss Professional Set Valera ManiSwiss Professional Set
Mod. 651.01

229,90 €*   » see details

 Valera Volumissima Valera Volumissima
Mod. 647.01

59,90 €*   » see details
 Valera Excel 2000 Ionic Valera Excel 2000 Ionic
Mod. 561.08/I - 2000 W

47,90 €*   » see details

 Valera Systema Valera Systema
Mod. 654.01

73,90 €*   » see details
 Valera X-Style Valera X-Style
Mod. 645.01

79,90 €*   » see details

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