Valera Excel Protect 1600 Shaver White

Mod. 561.17/044.06 - 1600 W - Wall-mounted hairdryer with shaver socket
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 Valera Excel Protect 1600 Shaver White

 Valera Excel Protect 1600 Shaver White  Valera Excel Protect 1600 Shaver White  Valera Excel Protect 1600 Shaver White
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Air flow control switch: 2 settings
Air temperature control switch: 3 settings
6 air flow/ temperature combinations
COOL air setting
Removable filter
On/Off push button
Ripple wire SECURITY heating element
Wall holder with ELECTROSTOP - residual current device 10mA
Shaver socket 110-120V and 220-240V
Safety isolating transformer
Automatic On/Off safety switch
VALERA Hospitality has devised a new concept for use in bathrooms, and is launching hairdryers on the market under the name of VALERA PROTECT. These appliances are equipped with an ElectroStop residual current device (RCD) in the wall holder. It minimizes the risk of electrocution from electric shocks caused by any potential leakage current (e.g. the hairdryer accidentally coming into contact with water).
ElectroStop is essential in rooms with no residual current device. Moreover, thanks to its rated differential current 10 mA, ElectroStop is much more sensitive and effective than the commonly installed devices rated 30 mA.
Application range:
for non-public areas, such as hotel bedrooms/bathrooms, guest-houses, ships cabins and private homes

The cleaning of Valera hairdryers with liquids, detergents, solvents, alcohol and other chemical products is strictly prohibited.
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