Valera Swiss Nano4ever

Mod. SN4 eQ RC - 2200 W - The ultra-durable, extremely powerful professional hairdryer, super compact
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 Valera Swiss Nano4ever
 Valera Swiss Nano4ever  Valera Swiss Nano4ever  Valera Swiss Nano4ever  Valera Swiss Nano4ever  Valera Swiss Nano4ever  Valera Swiss Nano4ever
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For those who demand the highest performance and durability from a hairdryer while appreciating ease of use and manageability, Valera has packed all the professional features into a fine, compact format. The Swiss Nano4ever dries up to 50% faster¹ with its digital brushless motor and Smart Airflow Technology, while being ultra-quiet and lightweight.
In addition, the Swiss Nano4ever is equipped with Valera's new eQ-AIRcontroller, an intelligent diagnostic system that continuously monitors the optimal functioning of the tool. Thanks to a blue flashing LED light, the user can always see if everything is working smoothly. If it flashes red, a temporary obstruction of the airflow causes a drop in performance. In this case, it is recommended to clean the air inlet grille and not to hold the hairdryer too close to the hair. Contamination and improper use are thus excluded, and the long-lasting, perfect functioning of the hairdryer is ensured.
But there are more great benefits the new little one has to offer. With the SANIFY Sanitizing System, it grants a safer and healthier ambience while drying hair. Tests by independent laboratories have confirmed that the SANIFY System, which is based on a balanced interaction of temperature, special ionization and power of the airflow, achieves significant antibacterial, air-improving results.
Brushless digital BLDC-ENDURO-X motor
Ions generator
Smart Airflow Technology
SuperFlex cable 3 m with ROTOCORD
Ripple wire SECURITY heating element
6 air flow/temperature settings
COLD air button
Removable metallic filter
2 professional ultra-slim concentrator nozzles: TOUCH ME cool nozzle (7,5 cm), standard nozzle (6 cm)
Diffuser and pouch included
Weight without cable 445 g
The compact model completes Valera's line of Swiss4ever hairdryers for performance and durability, where all shapes are now available to choose from: long, medium and compact.
Swiss Nano4ever: the little big lifelong hairdryer. By VALERA, Swiss Hair Specialists since 1955.
¹) Compared with hairdryers with DC motor, 25% faster than hairdryers with AC motor.



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